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Agency Scams and Russian Brides Scammers Must be Stopped
Learn how to Avoid a Marriage Scam or a Dating Scammer


Agency scams and Russian brides scam are not tolerated on our dating site. We, the owners of the site, and our experienced marriage agency owners know how to recognize scammers and people with intentions of scamming know that as well and if they did not, they find out right away as we simply refuse them and block them from using our services.

Our international dating website and matchmaking service works with a reliable matchmaker network that prevents Russian dating scammers and Ukraine scammers to use our services to perform their Russian dating scam.

A dating scammer is not likely to go through the process of validating her identity with passport and being interviewed. These online dating scammers will usually choose to register with dishonest marriage agencies or free dating websites where they don’t need to meet anyone in person.

Online Scams Dating Artists Have no Feelings
They Only Thing They Want is your Money
Our Agents Detect them and Add Them on Our Scammer List

Online scams dating artists can be anyone; it can be Russian scammers or it can be dating scammers from any country, age, sex or race. However, they have two things in common: they have no feelings and they want money from their victims. Our experienced marriage agencies owners detect them and add them on their scammer list. Finding a reliable international dating website and matchmaking service is a crucial step towards succeeding at finding a Russian wife. Here are a few basic criteria to look for in your selection :

  • Can you tell who the owners are? If not, why are they not providing this information?
  • Can you tell where the head office is located? If not, why would the owners not provide this information?
  • Do the owners provide a telephone number where you can reach them?
  • If so, give them a call to introduce you and ask them specific questions. Analyze their answers and evaluate if they can really help you at finding a life partner in Russia.

If the answers are positive; chances are that they are running an honest and reliable dating website and matchmaker service. You should then be in good hands to find your future Russian bride.

Attractive Girls May be Planning a Marriage Scam
How to Recognize These Russian Women Scams?

Attractive girls know how to play their cards. This type of Russian women scams uses the physical attractiveness feature. These online dating scammers may play the act until a marriage occurs and will then suddenly fall out of love. This type of Russian scams usually targets men with good income and who have a weakness for good looking women. Whether the scammer is planning to marry her victim or not, one thing is for sure: she wants his money.

Unfortunately and despite all the good advice that we and other honest websites provide against scam girls and Russian brides scams, too many men are still being scammed. Added to a loss of money and precious time, feelings are deeply hurt and the disappointment that follows will often lead to a state of general mistrust towards the whole concept of finding a wife in Russia.

We don’t want this to happen to anyone and be assured that we take all measures to recognize and prevent those scam artists from being on our website. Our database isn’t the largest but it’s certainly among the best ones. We prefer quality over quantity. We believe that the best publicity any company can get is word to mouth and this is how many of our clients find us.

Definition of a scammer: Someone who abuses the trust of another person, plays a game or uses any other fraudulent scheme to make a quick profit.

There are different types or scam girls, Russian women scams and dating scammers :

  • It can be anyone pretending to be a nice looking Russian woman seeking a life partner. These online dating scammers will usually sign-up on “free dating websites” where there is less or no control on whoever creates their profile. Registering on these websites doesn’t require a personal meeting and makes it easier for these Russian bride scams to remain uncovered. These scam artists will generally manage to get some money from their victims before a first meeting takes place.
  • Some scammers will even hire some nice looking girl who will engage in video chat, thus creating a feeling of trust to their victim. Either way, these scammers will usually rip off their victims by getting money to get a visa or airplane tickets to go visit them; which may very well never happen.
  • Other common reasons for asking money can be the need to provide health care to a sick mother or child or the need to take language lessons etc.
  • Another type of scam girls or Russian women scams consists of websites who hire young and nice looking women who sit behind a video-camera and chat with whoever is willing to pay for it. These beautiful girls will dress in a very suggestive way and pretend to be interested in a relationship. Of course, they are simply doing this for money.
  • The toughest type of brides scam to detect is when the marriage agency scams and Russian brides scams team up. What will happen then is the following: the agency owners find women who are willing to put their profiles on their website and will encourage men in corresponding with them per letters. The money from the letters will be split among parties.

Again, the best way to avoid being a victim of a scam girl, Russian scammer or a marriage scam is to work with an honest and reliable international dating website and matchmaking service.

Asking a Russian Woman to Become His Wife Is a Decision
Thousands of Men from All over the World Take Each Year
These 10 Guidelines Should Prevent any Man from Being Scammed

  • Take the time to choose an honest and reliable website and marriage agency to work with. This will give you the foundation to achieve your goal.
  • Russian women aren’t beggars. They are proud and have learnt to live without the excess. An honest Russian woman would never ask for money. If a Russian woman asks you for money, please report her.
  • If a Russian woman tells you that she’s in love with you after a few letters, it is a really bad sign. You should simply put an end to this correspondence and report her.
  • Make use of every letter to deepen your relationship. This is not a chat site. Describe yourself more in details with each letter and ask for the same in return. If the lady evades answering your questions, it is a bad sign and you should drop her.
  • Once you share a good relationship on paper, use our telephone and video services. Set up a telephone call or a Skype video-conversation with her. Our agent will assist with the services of an interpreter if translation is required.
  • If a Russian woman proposes you to vacation to some “neutral ground” such as Turkey, Egypt or the Dominican Republic before you have met, it is a bad sign. You should simply put an end to this relationship and report her
  • By tradition, Russian women seek men who are older for maturity and stability. However, please don’t overdo it. An age gap of up to 15 years is common but greater than that could lead to problems. Of course, there can be exceptions; simply use your good judgment.
  • Google her. Type in her full name while trying her first name in different ways like Natalia, Nataliya, Natalya. If you find her anywhere on a scam site, please report her

Following the 10 basic guidelines should prevent any serious man from being the victim of a dating scammer or marriage scam. Each year, thousands of men from different parts of the world ask a Russian woman to become their wife. They did not let the dating scammers prevent them from pursuing their dream of finding a beautiful Russian bride.

Another good piece of advice is to not be “over generous” on your first meeting with the lady. Many men have the tendency to bring expensive gifts on their first meeting – some even bring wedding rings. Of course, you should bring a gift but simply don’t overdo it. After all, you never met the woman in person yet. As a suggestion, get her a nice perfume from the duty free store and it will be appreciated. Once you’ve met and feel common chemistry, of course, it is another story.

Don’t Let a Russian Dating Scammer Get in Your Way
Use Our Reliable International Dating Site and Matchmaker Service

Russian brides scam, Ukraine scam and agency scams are detected by our honest and experienced marriage agencies owners. Our reliable matchmaking service and matchmaker network prevents Russian dating scammers and Ukrainian scammers from using our services to perform their dating scam.

Online dating scammers will usually choose to register on free dating websites or with a dishonest marriage agency. Our partner marriage agencies owners and staff meet every woman and validate her identity with passport. They then interview her to establish that she is genuinely seeking a foreign man to share her life with. We can guarantee that each Russian woman on our website is real and seeking a life partner outside Russia. Don’t let Russian dating scammers and Ukraine scammers prevent you from finding a Russian wife. Follow the basic rules, say no to the scammers and make a wonderful Russian woman your future bride.

All our best wishes,

Alain and Yuliya


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