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With the help of our marriage agency network and their experienced matchmakers, we can help serious men from Saudi Arabia to find a beautiful and loving bride in Belarus, Latvia, Moldova, Russia or the Ukraine. Many Russians live in Saudi Arabia, either for professional or family reasons, and there are different resources for them to connect with other expats. There are also many men from Saudi Arabia who are married with Russian women and they are sharing a happy family life.

Why are men from Saudi Arabia attracted to Russian women? For very similar reasons that make Russian women get the attention of men from all over the world: they are generally well-educated, family oriented, they are feminine, they dress quite elegantly and many are absolutely beautiful. Of course, beauty is very personal and everybody has its own criteria of evaluating the beauty of a person but generally speaking, it is hard not to agree that women from Belarus, Russia and Ukraine are quite stunning. They eat healthy (not so much fast food), they have an active lifestyle (they walk a lot and go to the gym regularly), they dress with style (they don’t go in public in pyjama style pants) and they want to look their best all the time – not just on special occasions.

What is so Special with Russian Women?
Why Would a Man from Saudi Arabia Seek a Wife from Russia or Ukraine?

Russian women aren’t just beautiful; they are pioneers and leaders in many spheres. Here are just a few examples: Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman in space. Maria Sharapova is one of the best women tennis players. Many famous Russian women are in technology, sports and all spheres off life. At the same time, Russian women are like all women: they want to love and be loved. Some of the aspects that make them different and unique are their intelligence, their ability to learn, their perseverance and of course their natural elegance and outstanding beauty.

A majority of men from Saudi Arabia are physically fit, professionally successful and they wish to have a beautiful woman by their side. They also wish to have a woman who will be happy to take care of the family. Russian women are usually quite family oriented and despite that they can have the education and all the tools to develop their own career, sharing their life with their husband and taking care of the family is a priority of life for them and they are excellent wives and loyal life partners. This combined with their exquisite beauty is certainly part of what makes them so popular among men from Saudi Arabia.

is a beautiful Russian bride
My name is Tatiyana. I’m 49 years old.
I am divorced and live in Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
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I am Anna from Kiev, Ukraine.
I’m 23 years old, single and seeking a partner.
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Are you looking for a beautiful 35 years old girl from Kharkov? It is me!
My name is Elena and I’m looking for my second half.

Why are such Beautiful Women Seeking a Husband from Abroad?
Why Can’t they Find their Life Partner within Russia or Ukraine?

To begin with, there is a demographic situation that makes it mathematically impossible for tens of thousands of single women from Russia and Ukraine to find a husband locally. According to the 2002 census, there were approximately 10 million more women than men in Russia and the situation is proportionally the same in other former USSR countries such as Belarus and Ukraine. The main reasons: wars took a lot of men and also, men tend to die younger than women. Another factor that pushes Russian and Ukrainian women to look abroad for a husband is that many of the local men have drinking problems and are not looking to share a serious family relationship with a woman.

Charming Russian Girl

Russian women are proud and expect something better from life than living with man who drinks all the time and don’t take care of his wife. Of course, not all Russian men are like this. In fact, lots of Russian men are the perfect husband but the problem is that the vast majority of these good men are already married. Unfortunately for single Russian women, those men who remain single are greatly outnumbered by single women and many of them drink, do not have steady jobs and do not wish to engage in serious relationships. These are some of the reasons why, each year, thousands of beautiful and well-educated Russian and Ukrainian women become the charming and loving brides of men from Saudi Arabia and men from all over the world who are lucky enough to be their husband.


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