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Planning a Meeting with a Russian Woman – Tips and Advice
Be Well Prepared and Share a Pleasant and Successful Meeting

When looking for a life partner in Eastern Europe, planning a face to face meeting with a Russian woman is something exciting and is a crucial step towards finding your charming Russian wife. It is possible to fly to Russia, go knock on the door of a marriage agency and ask the staff to book you a meeting with a lady you will select from their online profiles or their printed catalog. However, the success rate of such meetings is quite low and it increases the chances on being scammed, thus losing money and precious time.

We highly recommend that you first introduce yourself to the lady by sending her a letter. If she likes your profile and what you wrote her, she will write you back and you can then further evaluate the possible connection between you two. You exchange a couple more letters and if all keep going good, you meet on Skype. If all keep going in the right direction, then is the time to plan a face to face meeting with her.

Sure, you can keep exchanging letters, keep meeting on Skype and deepen your relationship but in the end, to really see if there can be true chemistry between you two, you need to meet in person. Letters and audio-video meetings have their limits. So, we highly recommend to not overdo the “virtual” relationship and to plan a personal meeting sooner than later.

Before you begin the process of selecting ladies who match your criteria and vice versa and mostly, before beginning a correspondence, we recommend that you establish the dates when you will be available to travel and meet her in person. Ideally, your availability to go meet her in person should be within 6 months, a couple of months being even better. Remember that once you strike a nice and meaningful correspondence with a lady, you can develop quite a bit within a month or a couple of months. At that point, if you let her know that you will be available to go meet her only in 6 months or so, it can have an adverse effect and she can lose interest in your relationship that remains “virtual” .

How to Behave when Meeting a Woman in Russia or Ukraine
What to Do, Not to Do – What to Talk about and Avoid Talking

You don’t need to exchange 100 letters and meet on Skype 12 times to get to the point of deciding if a face to face meeting should take place. Of course, we all have a budget to follow and so much free time to travel. However and as mentioned before, if you establish when you can travel before you begin developing a relationship, it will be easy to discuss the next step and plan a face to face meeting. This will definitely show the lady that you are serious about her and it will keep her interest high towards you and even turn it into excitement knowing that on a specific date not too far in the future, you will be together somewhere in her city.

Tips and advice about your meeting:

  • Be well rested and calm. Don’t go to the meeting after a long flight. Better “waste” an evening and meet the next day with fresh smell and bright eyes.

  • Don’t drink alcohol or very reasonably such as a glass of wine with lunch or dinner. Remember that generally, the last thing a Russian or Ukrainian wants in her life is a man who has a drinking problem, here is an interesting article that depicts the difficulty that many Russian women and Ukrainian women have to find a life partner in their own country.

  • Offer her a gift. It does not have to be much. Per example, you can easily get her a nice perfume at a duty free shop in the airport.

  • Don’t talk about your assets and toys but rather about the type of person you are and the type of woman you are looking for.

  • Invite her to talk about herself and to ask you questions about yourself. If you feel she may be shy to do so, make her comfortable.

  • Don’t talk about your ex, besides a little bit if you have joint custody of your children. Anything else is unnecessary and in the same manner, don’t ask her too much about her ex, not at all is even better. You only need to say that you are single, looking for a wife and legally able to marry. It should invite her to do the same.

  • Don’t look at other beautiful women. Seriously, don’t do it – not in her company at least.

  • Its ok to begin the conversation on light subjects but remember that you are both there with a specific purpose: to find out if you could be a couple. So, don’t waste too much time on light subjects and don’t be hesitant to bring up important subjects such as family, children, job, friends, hobbies etc.

  • Pay the bill, even if she insists on paying her share and even if you will not meet again. That being said, it is probably not a good idea to have a big meal on a first meeting. It may only take some attention from the main purpose of being together. A walk, a coffee, a drink or a light bite will do the job.

  • If you wish to meet her again, don’t wait for her to bring it up. Take the lead and tell her that you would like very much to meet her again soon – like later on the same day if it is lunch or tomorrow. Russian women like men who can take decisions.

Be Prepared for a Successful on Non Successful Meeting
What Matters is for Both Parties to Have a Pleasant Experience

Unless you are in a neighboring country, and even so, traveling to Russia or Ukraine will cost money and take time. You may be the type of man who wants to go meet only the one you have been corresponding with and there is nothing wrong with this. However, we recommend that you have a back-up. What we mean is that you can establish a relationship with a few ladies and plan to meet them all. It will be more costly but not that much more and it will increase your chances of finding the right lady for you. Of course, our ladies are within a large territory and depending on your budget and availability, you may select ladies from the same city or neighboring cities.

Dating and Meeting Russian Women

Whether you and the lady seemed to share many things in common per correspondence and liked each other in audio-video meetings, keep in mind that the meeting may also show that you and the lady are not a good enough match to keep developing a relationship. It is ok and as the saying goes “everything happens for a reason”; she may not be the kind of lady you are looking for and / or vice versa. If you prepared yourself for such an eventuality and you are opened to meet another lady, remember that our agency owners are excellent matchmakers. They usually know their women well and after she talks with you for a while face to face, she will have a better idea of the type of man you are and the type of woman you seek for a life partner. She will then propose you to meet a lady who could very well be a good match.

While the purpose of your trip is certainly to meet a woman who could someday be your loving wife, remember that either your meeting was successful or not, the main thing is that you and the lady can have a pleasant meeting and share a rewarding experience. You both had hopes that you could be for each other and were excited about finally meeting face to face. You both gave it your best shot and have no regrets – either way.


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