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MyPartnerForever offers quality dating service to meet single Russian women and Ukrainian women seeking a husband.
Trusted marriage agency network offering a true opportunity to American men to find a wife in Belarus, Russia or Ukraine.
Dating Site to Meet Charming Ukrainian Girl Oksana from Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Gorgeous Bride from Ukraine - Diana from Kiev, Ukraine
Matchmaking Service to Meet Valentina from Grodno, Belarus
Dating Site to Meet Stunning Ukrainian Girl Elena from Kharkov, Ukraine
Beautiful Lady from Ukraine - Aleksandra from Vinnitsa, Ukraine
Belarusian Women Matchmaking - Meet Lyudmila from Grodno, Belarus
Dating Site to Meet Beautiful Ukrainian Girl Olga from Kiev, Ukraine
Beautiful Belarusian Lady Zhanna from Minsk, Belarus
Dating Site to Meet Pretty Belarusian Lady Viktoriya from Grodno, Belarus
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Matchmaking Package in Pskov, Russia
Matchmaking Package in Grodno, Belarus
Matchmaking Package in Kiev, Ukraine
Matchmaking in Vinnitsa, Ukraine
Matchmaking Package in Nikolaev, Ukraine
Matchmaking Package in Zaporozhye, Ukraine
Matchmaking Package in Poltava, Ukraine
Matchmaking in Sumy, Ukraine
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Dating Service to Meet Single Women from Russia and Ukraine
Marriage Agency for Men from the US who are Seeking a Russian Wife

Meet Gorgeous Ukrainian Woman Olga from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

MyPartnerForever is a dating site offering quality matchmaking services for American men who wish to meet single women from Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine who are seeking a husband from abroad. With the help of our trusted marriage agencies, we can help serious and sincere men from the US to find a charming Russian or Ukrainian wife.

Although there are cases of scamming and horror stories of women marrying a US man with the sole objective to get us residency and a green card, the truth is that the vast majority of Russian women marrying a man from abroad are doing it for the good reasons; which are to find happiness in a couple relationship based on love, respect and family life. Note that working with a reputable dating service owned and managed by honest and reliable people is a key element toward avoiding scammers and gold diggers – and we can assure you that at MyPartnerForever, we take all steps to provide our clients the quality of services they expect.

What Type of Dating Site Works Best to Find a Russian Wife?
Sites with Fees for the Services or Free Dating Sites?

If you are studying our dating site, it is likely that you have tried free dating sites on the local scene and obviously, it did not bring the expected results for you. Now, you are considering finding a life partner from Russia or the Ukraine and you see that again, there are free dating sites and also, there are sites like ours that charge a fee to communicate with the ladies. Why should you pay a fee to send letters when other sites offer it for free?

Let’s go back to your experience with free dating sites. Let’s say that you are an average or good looking man, you have a healthy lifestyle, you are physically fit, you have strong family values, you are an excellent father and you have a steady job. You created your profile on one of these free dating sites and uploaded nice, clear and recent photos of yourself in your daily life. You browsed the women profiles and you saw that there were many that are quite interesting and that could be a match. Most likely, you decided to introduce yourself to those who are better looking – let’s say to those who are better looking to your eyes. Well, there is nothing wrong with that and you are very normal. And, this is how most other men who have profiles on this site behave. So, in the end, only the better looking women get a lot of attention and in fact, they get so much attention that your profile and pictures will most likely never get her attention. It is sad and frustrating, but it is a fact.

You can always go back to square one and rethink your strategy as you still have the option to write to women who meet your criteria but aren’t that good looking or let’s say, not so physically attractive to your eyes. Indeed, it is quite a dilemma, isn’t it? Why should you give up on trying to find a life partner who not only meet your criteria towards all the important stuff but is also beautiful to your eyes? After all, you are a good man, you know that you have a lot to offer to your future life partner and there are no logical reasons why you should give up on your goal to find the woman of your dreams.

So, you looked at your profile and try to make it more appealing, added more nice photos, added more info about yourself and hoped that it would stand out from the crowd. You began another round of introducing yourself to different women and that time, you did it to dozens of women. After all, it is free and why waste time writing to only a few at the time? If you receive many positive replies, you will have more choice which is better than having less choice. The problem is that you are not the only one thinking this way – most likely, thousands of other men are also thinking this way. And, given that there are usually more men than women on this sites, especially lots more men that good looking women – the result is that only a small percentage of women get attention and they get a whole lot of it. So much, it is merely impossible for them to even open a percentage of the letters they get. So, what do you think happened with all these letters you sent for free? And, even if some ladies looked at your profile, read your letter and liked it – they got so many men showing them interest and they keep seeing profiles that are even more interesting. Is it the “the grass can always be greener somewhere else” theory or simply human nature?

Whatever the reason, you did not get success so far. You believe in yourself, you are somewhat stubborn and you firmly believe that with perseverance, you will eventually get the attention of one of these beautiful women. You tweaked your profile again, added even nicer photos and made another round of introducing yourself to lots of women. Same scenario as before: you didn’t get any replies and if you got some, you wrote back to them but unfortunately, never heard from them again. And, you kept getting letters from women that are not enough beautiful looking to your eyes. Well, free dating sites work for many people and create lots of couples but obviously, they did not do the job for you.

You are now considering finding your life partner in Russia or the Ukraine. You realize that there are lots of free dating sites which are similar to those you tried locally. All you need to pay is a membership fee and you can write to as many Russian or Ukrainian women as you wish for free. On top of it, some of these “Russian women free dating sites” advertise that you can get the contact info of the ladies for free. If you think about it for one minute: what do you imagine will happen when a beautiful Russian women displays her telephone number and / or her email address for any member of this site to contact her? She will need to hire a secretary 24/7 to pick up the phone and open emails. So again, you get to write letters for free, you get the contact info of the ladies for free, but in the end, you are still wasting your time and you remain single.

Stunning Russian Woman

Why Use a Site that has Fees when Seeking a Wife in Russia or Ukraine?
How Can it Make a Difference and Increase your Chances of Success

When seeking a wife in Russia, Ukraine or any other foreign country, one of the main reasons to avoid free dating sites is to avoid scammers. As mentioned, these sites are great for local dating but maybe not so great for dating women from abroad. On these sites, anyone can create a profile without having to meet anyone in person or to disclose any valid official ID document. How can you trust that the woman who you see on the pictures is real and the one you’re communicating with? How many times have you heard of horror stories where the man arrived at the airport somewhere in Russia or Ukraine and the lady did not show up? Or even worse, she showed up but the man soon found out that all she wanted was gifts and money? And the list of horror stories scenarios goes on.

How do we prevent such scammers to use our dating site? Each woman displayed on our pages registered in person with one of our trusted marriage agencies. She is interviewed by the owner of the agency or by their experienced staff and she needs to provide a copy of her passport. This eliminates the possibility of anyone creating a profile that is not theirs and abusing the system. Of course, if the lady exist and is a scammer, she could pretend to be motivated with honest intentions but really, why would a scammer go through all that trouble, especially if she knows that the agency is owned and managed by honest people? This type of scammers will either register with dishonest agencies or simply use free dating sites that do not require a personal meeting and the disclosure of any valid official ID document.

We are aware that there are dishonest marriage agencies and we do not work with such agencies. These agencies know which dating sites are honest and which ones are not and MyPartnerForever has the reputation to be one of the only Russian women dating sites that works in an honest way and that brings men who are serious and sincere at finding a Russian wife to their offices. If the agency is only after money, that does not matter much to them. However, if they are interested in finding suitable husbands for their single women, they work with us and they highly value our cooperation. This is what we offer our clients; to work with good, honest and reliable marriage agencies that focus at bringing serious, sincere and marriage motivated men to their women.

Find a Russian bride like
Are you looking for a beautiful 36 years old girl from Pskov? It is me!
My name is Evgeniya and I’m looking for my second half.
is a beautiful Russian bride
My name is Tatiyana. I’m 41 years old.
I was never married and live in Minsk, Belarus.
Meet Russian singles like
I am Mariya from Grodno, Belarus.
I’m 20 years old, never married and seeking a partner.

Why are so many Stunning Russian and Ukrainian Women
Looking for a Husband from Abroad?

The two main reasons: Firstly, there are approx. 10 million more women than men in Russia and former USSR countries, so it is easy to understand that does not matter how much a Russian woman has to offer and how beautiful she may remain single all her life. Secondly, a fair percentage of Russian men are known to have drinking problems and are not faithful to their wives. Note: if you have a drinking problem and are not satisfied sleeping with your wife only, it is probable not a good idea to seek a wife in Russia or Ukraine.

Single Russian women looking for a husband outside their own country are not looking for a specific country. They are looking for a man who is serious but with a good sense of humor, sincere and respectful, hardworking with a job, who can trust and be trusted, who can love and be loved and who will treat his wife like his princess on a daily basis. It may seem like a lot but this is exactly what they have to offer and of course, what they are looking for in return. If you think that you are this kind of a man and you dream of having such a woman by you, then one of these charming Russian women may someday be your wonderful wife!


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