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Russian Brides are Looking for a Husband or Money? - Tips to Recognize the Agency Scams and the Russian Dating Scam

Russian brides, often referred as Russian mail order brides, are for real and the vast majority is honest. They will make excellent wives for the men lucky enough to win their hearts. However, agency scams and Russian brides scams are for real as well and can be very costly, both in dollars and feelings, to the men who weren’t able to detect them in time.

For any man who decides to find his future bride in Russia,
the first step is to select an honest website which offers
a reliable international matchmaking service.
Here are a few tips that can help in doing so:

  • Does this website display the name of their company? Do they have offices? If not, this should raise serious doubts to begin with.
  • Can you tell who the owners are? If not, why are they not providing their identity? Again, this can raise serious doubts.
  • Do they provide a telephone number where you can reach them? if so, give them a call to make sure it’s working and take the time to ask them questions about their women and their services.

The next step is to be able to recognize a Russian dating scammer.
Here are 3 different types or Russian bride scams:

  • It can be anyone pretending to be a nice looking Russian woman seeking a foreign life partner. These scammers will usually sign-up on “free dating websites” where there is less or no control on whoever signs-up.
  • Another type of Russian Girls scams consists of websites who hire young and nice looking women who sit behind a video-camera and chat with whoever is willing to pay for it.
  • The most difficult type of scam to detect is when the Agency Scams and Russian Brides Scams team up. Here is how it works: the agency owners find women who are willing to put their profiles on their website and will encourage men in corresponding with them per letters. The money from the letters will be split among parties.

Follow these 10 simple guidelines and you will not become a victim of
agency scams or Russian brides scams:

  • Take the time to choose an honest and reliable website to work with.
  • Russian women aren’t beggars. They are proud and have learnt to live without the excess. An honest Russian woman would never ask for money.
  • If a woman tells you that she’s in love with you after a few letters, it’s a really bad sign.
  • Make use of every letter to deepen your relationship. Describe yourself more in depth with each letter and ask for the same in return.
  • Once you share a good relationship on paper, make use of telephone or Video services.
  • If a Russian woman proposes you to vacation to some “neutral ground” such as Turkey, Egypt or Dominican Republic before you have met or shortly after you’ve met, it’s a bad sign. You should simply put an end to this relationship and report her.
  • Although, by tradition, Russian women are seeking older men for husband, please don’t overdo it. An age gap of up to 15 years is common but greater than that could lead to problems.
  • Google her. Type in her full name while trying her first name in different ways like Natalia, Nataliya, Natalya. If you find her anywhere on a scam site, please report her.

Russian women become the brides of thousands of men each year. Following these rules is a first step in finding a beautiful Russian bride.

About the authors
Alain Lalonde and Yuliya Kuneyeva are the co-founders of My Partner Forever. Together, they cumulate 45 years of experience in customer service. They specialize in introducing Russian women, Ukrainian Women and Belarus Women to men from around the world. They currently work with over 70 marriage agencies throughout former USSR providing a full range of services to assist their clients with traveling plans to meet women in most parts of Belarus, Russia and the Ukraine.


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